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In Flower Battles you take on the role of a flower in a garden. But this isn't an ordinary garden and you're not an ordinary flower. In this garden all the inhabitants fight like crazy - there just isn't enough space for everybody!

OK, you're intrigued by flowers fighting each other and dazzled by the crude drawings (and who wouldn't be) ... but you'd like more information on what to do. Have no fear! That's what this page is for! :)

Your main activities will be:

  • Fighting other Flowers
  • Going on Adventures and Quests
  • Upgrading your Flower to fight harder and last longer.

What does that mean?

Here's a list of some of the terms you'll come across in Flower Battles and what they mean.

Adventures are timed encounters where you fight a dynamically generated bot for a reward. Winning certain adventures has a chance to unlock specific Quests.
Awards track your progress through certain milestones ... spending water, raising you Enzymes, buying items from Rosa's, consecutive days played, and more.
Black List
This is basically an ignore list. Flowers on your Black List will be filtered out of all messages you get.
These are flowers generated and controlled by the system.
Cellulose increases your flower's health and nutrients
Derived Combat Values
Enhancements are timed effects from using items. You start with one enhancement slot and can purchase up to a total of 5. Each active enhancement uses one enhancement slot.
Enzymes increase your flower's attack, damage, and tactics.
This is the total of your Enzymes, Proteins, and Cellulose. It's used mainly to qualify for higher tier sprouts and as a rough comparison between flowers.
Friends List
This is your speed dial list. Adding flowers to your list allows a quick way to send them messages, taunt them, and if they're in your stratum range - fight them!
Garden Shed
This is your storage area. Items you buy or aquire are added to your shed. You can store a maximum of 20 stacks of 10.
This is basically your hit points ... the amount of damage you can take when fighting.
A risk free way to get water. You can't fight or adventure while on a job, but when you're finished with the job, the water is all yours!
Light is an alternate currency. There's a chance to gain Light from the same things that generate water, but you can also purchase Light for real money.
You can't fight without nutients. Fighting a random flower in your stratum range costs 2 nutrients, while being able to pick which opponent in your range to fight costs 4 nutrients. Nutrients replenish over time and your maximum goes up when you increase your Cellulose.
Proteins increase your flower's defense, protection, and evade.
A Quest is a series of increasingly difficult fixed encounters tied together by a story line / theme.
Rosa's Garden Shoppe
Rosa's is your one stop shop for all things to make your stay in the garden that much more deadly (for your opponents :) )
Sprouts increase your fighting strength. They are separated into tiers, with higher tiers having more powerful sprouts.
A ranking system used when finding opponets to fight. You gain Stratum for winning and lose Stratum when defeated.
Sprouts are spearated into tiers, with higher tiers having more powerful sprouts. Your EPC needs to be equal to or greater than the tier number to be able to grow those sprouts.
Water is your flower's main currency. You gain water from fighting, adventuring, questing, and completing jobs.

Other Tidbits of Info

  • If you are low on water, Adventures are a good way to get some (and the possibility of some Light as well). But be careful, you only get the rewards if you triumph over the adventure.
  • Need water but don't want to take a risk on an adventure? GET A JOB! Job hunts are a risk free way to get more water, but the amounts are significantly lower than what you can get from Adventures.
  • Quests are unlocked by completing certain adventures. If you have completed an adventure that indicates you found something of further interest, be sure to check the quest journal to see what is needed to complete it.
  • Use Rosa's Garden Shoppe to buy enchancements for your flower, and equip these enchancements via your garden shed.